Parental Alienation

Tuesday 1 August 2017 17:00

Why is parental alienation allowed in Japan, and why is it so common?

Parental alienation is mental abuse. The negative effects of parental alienation upon children have life long impacts upon the child that can stay with them well into and throughout their adult life. Children of parental alienation often suffer from mental health problems, low self esteem, an inability to form meaningful relationships later on in life, a distorted view of the opposite sex, deep rooted unhappiness with who they are and what they look like, a tendency to involve themselves with destructive pursuits such as joining gangs, violene and drug use, many are suicidal.  

Many parental child abduction cases in Japan involve the kidnapping parent using Parental Alienation techniques on their children to falsly justify their reasons for keeping the alienated parent and child from reuniting. Parental alienation is a crime in may countries, but is legal in Japan. Typical examples of the Japanese abducting parent using parental alienation techniques often include fabricated accusations of violence of the alienated parent against the child. Many cases that are aware of involve such instances of parental alienation. Being an alienated parent and witnessing your children being subject to such mental abuse can be an extremely harrowing experiences. Rest assured that if you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone. Unfortunately, there is no law in Japan to protect children against this. Even though Japan signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in 1994, which would help protect children from parental alienation abuses, Japan has not taken any reasonable action or steps to prevent such abuse. In this respect, Japan is ignoring its international comittments to under the UNCRC.  

A  lecture by Dr. Amy Baker, Ph.D. - (Toronto, Canada, 2009) - on The Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome is an excellent insignt into understanding the 8 methods of parental alienation.

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