The Sydney Morning Herald: (article 1) - ‘Emotions are running high’: Japan and Australia face off over child abductions & (article 2) - Japan’s Ambassador to Australia defends child custody laws

Friday 17 December 2021 11:27

News Article 1) 

Australian parents banned from seeing their children in Japan are simply confused about the stark differences between the two nations’ custody laws, says Shingo Yamagami, the Ambassador to Australia, who concedes that “emotions are running high” over the issue.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age revealed in August that up to 68 Australian-Japanese children have been caught up in parental abduction and child custody disputes between their Australian and Japanese parents. In some cases, children have been snatched while at school, others have been taken from their family home or sent on a holiday from Australia to Japan - never to be seen by their Australian parent again. ...

News Article 2) 

Mr Shingo Yamagami’s response to 'The Age’s’ article: "I was appalled by Chris Zappone and Eryk Bagshaw’s article “Japan and Australia face off over child abductions” in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday 15 December 2021.

By mischaracterising and misrepresenting the facts, the article is regrettably inflammatory”. ...