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CBC World News: Canadian fights to see son in Japan, where legal system leaves many parents behind

Japan Times: Divorced fathers fight for right to see children

Hanada News: Darkness of child abduction business

Hanada News: Darkness of child abduction business - Here are the "Villains" who killed the Hague Convention

BBC News: Japan custody heartache for foreign fathers

BBC News: Australian journalist freed in Japan after arrest for trying to see his children

Reuters: Perents' lawsuit accuses Japan of double standard on child abductions

Guardian: Custody battle in Japan highlights loophole in child abduction cases

The Washinton Post: In Japan, divorce can mean loosing access to children. Many parents want to change this

GaijinPot Blog: Divorce with Kids in Japan - Part.1 - Her Mother Kidnapped Her

GaijinPot Blog: Divorce with Kids in Japan - Part.2 - The Stress of No Joint Child Custody

Japan Times: Three years after Japan signed Hague, parents who abduct still win

Spectator: Why doesn't Japan take child abduction seriously

The Times: Japan child abduction. I married the Branston Pickle Heiress - then it all went wrong.

The Japan Times: French father goes on hunger strike for kids abducted by Japanese wife.

The Washington Post: Frenchman starts hunger strike by Tokyo Olympic Stadium in desperate bid to see his kids.

BBC News: A parent's plea in the shadow of the Olympics

The Sydney Morning Herald: Their children were taken. Now they fight Japanese laws to get them back.

The Sydney Morning Herald (2): Japan's Ambassador to Australia defends child custody laws

The Sydney Morning Herald (1): 'Emotions are running high': Japan and Australia face off over child abductions

The Japan News (Yomiuri Newspaper): Child abductions by parents creating diplomatic headache

The Telegraph: My nephews were abducted to Japan - but I'm determined to reunite our family

The Mail: Novelist Douglas Gilbraith's wife abducted their sons from Scotland and fled to Japan in 2003

Tokyo Weekender: American father of two children goes on hunger strike in Japan: hasn't seen children since 2021

US Congress: Japan identified as engaging in a pattern of noncompliance with Hague Convention on Abduction

BBC News: France issues arrest warrant over Japan 'parental kidnap'

Japan Times: Justice Ministry panel puts forward option of joint custody for divorced parents



The Age: 'It's damaging children': Japan's abducted kids call for help at the G7

Sydney Morning Herald: Australia escalates diplomatic campaign against Japanese Child abductions

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Japan Times: Table tennis star Ai Fukuhara accused by ex-husband of abducting their son

Mainichi Newspaper: Tokyo court rules post-divorce sole custody constitutional

ABC News: Japan's sole custody laws have been criticised of incentivising child abduction, but the system may

Sydney Morning Herald: Seven more Australian kids abducted as Japan debates introducing joint custody

FOX News: GOP lawmaker demans action from Japan PM on key issue impacting hundreds of US children

Japan Times: Joint custody alone won't fix Japan's flawed system

17th May 2024: Japan Passed Law Bringing In A Version Of Joint Custody. This Law Will Come Into Effect In 2026.

... while any move toward recognising Joint Custody, Parenting Rights, and the Rights of Children by Japan is encouraging and welcomed. There are serious clauses in Japan's version of Joint Custody which could increase, legitimise and legalise parental child abductions:

     1) Joint Custody will not be assumed. It will only be given if both parents agree.

     2) Joint Custody will not be granted in cases where domestic violence has been claimed.

     3) The law will not reunite currently parentally abducted children with their left behind parent.

Regarding Japan & Proposed Joint Custody Law

Sydney Morning Herld:

Japan has finally changed its custody law. Australian parents fear it's not enough

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Kyodo News: Japan's Diet passes bill to allow joint custody after divorce

Nikkei News: Japan passes law allowing joint child custody for divorced parents

BBC News: 'My ex took my children': Hope for divorced parents as Japan to allow joint child custody

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