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Europe & America Have Taken Action

CBC World News: Canadian fights to see son in Japan, where legal system leaves many parents behind

Japan Times: Divorced fathers fight for right to see children

Hanada News: Darkness of child abduction business

Hanada News: Darkness of child abduction business - Here are the "Villains" who killed the Hague Convention

BBC News: Japan custody heartache for foreign fathers

BBC News: Australian journalist freed in Japan after arrest for trying to see his children

Reuters: Perents' lawsuit accuses Japan of double standard on child abductions

Guardian: Custody battle in Japan highlights loophole in child abduction cases

The Washinton Post: In Japan, divorce can mean loosing access to children. Many parents want to change this

GaijinPot Blog: Divorce with Kids in Japan - Part.1 - Her Mother Kidnapped Her

GaijinPot Blog: Divorce with Kids in Japan - Part.2 - The Stress of No Joint Child Custody

Japan Times: Three years after Japan signed Hague, parents who abduct still win

Spectator: Why doesn't Japan take child abduction seriously

The Times: Japan child abduction. I married the Branston Pickle Heiress - then it all went wrong.

The Japan Times: French father goes on hunger strike for kids abducted by Japanese wife.

The Washington Post: Frenchman starts hunger strike by Tokyo Olympic Stadium in desperate bid to see his kids.

BBC News: A parent's plea in the shadow of the Olympics

The Sydney Morning Herald: Their children were taken. Now they fight Japanese laws to get them back.

The Sydney Morning Herald (2): Japan's Ambassador to Australia defends child custody laws

The Sydney Morning Herald (1): 'Emotions are running high': Japan and Australia face off over child abductions

The Japan News (Yomiuri Newspaper): Child abductions by parents creating diplomatic headache

The Telegraph: My nephews were abducted to Japan - but I'm determined to reunite our family

The Mail: Novelist Douglas Gilbraith's wife abducted their sons from Scotland and fled to Japan in 2003

Tokyo Weekender: American father of two children goes on hunger strike in Japan: hasn't seen children since 2021

US Congress: Japan identified as engaging in a pattern of noncompliance with Hague Convention on Abduction

BBC News: France issues arrest warrant over Japan 'parental kidnap'

Japan Times: Justice Ministry panel puts forward option of joint custody for divorced parents



The Age: 'It's damaging children': Japan's abducted kids call for help at the G7

Sydney Morning Herald: Australia escalates diplomatic campaign against Japanese Child abductions

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Japan Times: Table tennis star Ai Fukuhara accused by ex-husband of abducting their son

Mainichi Newspaper: Tokyo court rules post-divorce sole custody constitutional

ABC News: Japan's sole custody laws have been criticised of incentivising child abduction, but the system may