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Alex Kahney: Life And Nihonjin

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Alex Kahney: Life Goes On

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"I have been alienated from my children for years".

"My empty house in Tokyo ... one day my girls will run up and down those stairs again, and burst in and out those rooms and sit warmly in that bath again. They will chase away the ghosts of that haunted place".

"The (Japanese) courts will do nothing for you. Courts are there to apply laws. There are no laws against your wife taking your children".

"The (Japanese) court takes an action of dragging on cases forever while always hinting that they will be able to help you so as to prevent you from doing anything desperate, ... knowing that months and years of separation will wear you down until you realize your children have forgotten you". ...

"I returned home, my wife had took my children ... The nightmare had truly begun. I was about to discover that in Japan, a Japanese person can abduct anyone they like, with the help of the police, the kids' school, all the neighbors, everyone in cahoots".

"I went to the (Japanese) police and reported that my wife had abducted our children with no court order, no divorce, no permission, no agreement in place. The desk sergent, when I told him my wife had run away with the children, laughed to his associate".

"I next went to the British embassy, whose official informed me that they were unable to do anything to help get my children back".

"Child abduction in Japan is notorious". ...


"I had no idea that a terrible nightmare was just about to begin ... the memories of this very moment will be etched into my mind forever ... I opened the door to the hotel room, my wife and two year old son were suddently no longer present, had disappeared, vanished into thin air ... I was paralyzed in a state of overwhelming panic and shock ... my wife had abducted our son".

"I found out that instead of arresting (abducting) criminals, Japanese police arrested the victimised parents trying to revover or reconnect with their children ... the Japanese government is supportive of crime and human rights abuse against innocent children. Pretending to resolve cases without taking meaningful action. Japanese lawyers counsel potential child abductors on how to make kidnappings successful. Japanese courts assist in these crimes and child abuse, by furnishing rulings which assist kidnapping criminals and forever separate parents and children"

"To observers viewing the nicely polished surface, it would no doubt appear that Japan was Hague Abduction Convention compliant. In reality the convention made no difference ... It was easy to conclude that Japan was non-compliant with the Hague Abduction Convention". ...

Henrik Teton: Kidnapped In Japan - A True Story

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Hasumi Toshiko: Kidnapping Your Own Child - The Child Abduction Problem

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Released November 2020. Japanese Manga / Book - Kidnapping Your Own Child: The Child Abduction Problem. Describing the current situation of child abduction in Japan and why Japan has come to be known by the rest of the world as the "Child Abduction Kingdom" is becoming a best seller in book stores within Japan.

Earning 5 star reviews and dealing expertly with topics of how and why parental abductions take place to / within Japan, the false accusations of domestic violence that accompany many parental child abductions, parental alienation, and the role the Japanese state and legal professions play legalising parental child abduction in Japan. An excellent book that will hopefully be read by potential child abductors and those who have abducted, it highlights the harm that is caused upon their own children by doing this.  

(Japanese language publication only at the moment - hopefully translations into other languages will follow)


Douglas Gilbraith: My Son, My Son

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Released 2012. What do you do when your wife abducts your children? This book is a painful, unsettling and moving account of Scottish left behind parent and author Douglas Gilbraith and his childrens abduction from the UK to Japan by their Japanese parent.


"This books is a howl of pain, beautifully written by a man wounded beyond endurance" - Sunday Telegraph

"Profoundly affecting ... accomplished ... a great, unsettling book" - Glasgow Herald

"An unsettling and moving true story" - Big Issue in the North